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What To Expect It can be very daunting for children and families alike to seek help from a Psychologist. However, I aim to provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, free of judgement and jargon. I hope you will feel relaxed and supported and I aim to make the process as transparent and  straightforward as possible. I can only help if everyone is being honest and open, even if this is difficult. You can therefore expect the same from me. Initial Appointment (Assessment) The initial appointment will last up to an hour. At this appointment, we will discuss the issues you are seeking help with and how  we might work together to alleviate them. Please bring any relevant information – red book, school reports, hospital letters etc. that may  help us to think about the issue. We can then formulate a plan about the next steps. This will include an intervention (treatment) plan. You  can decide at this appointment if you would like to proceed. If medication or medical assessment is necessary, I may refer you on. We will discuss this further at the time. Follow-up Appointments (Intervention) These sessions are 50 minutes long. The intervention will be a form of talking therapy and sessions can be weekly or fortnightly. The format  and number of sessions will be agreed in the initial appointment. If we complete the number of sessions and we feel more sessions are  needed we will review progress, re-formulate the plan and continue. You are free to stop the talking therapy at any time. I am happy to work in partnership with other treatments and interventions provided all professionals are aware of each other’s involvement and role. Confidentiality If you are over 16, you can self-refer and I will see you without parental consent. However, if it is beneficial to involve parents I will work  with you to think about how to do this. If you are under 16, you must attend with a parent or guardian. I can see all family members, including the child/young person in private. This means that everyone can speak to me confidentially. I will  always endeavour to keep confidentiality of ALL family members. I will ask what can be shared and how, and will respect the privacy of all  conversations, including those of children and young people. There are three reasons that I would break confidentiality. If I think someone is being harmed by someone else If I think they are harming someone If I think they are harming themselves I will always try to discuss overriding confidentiality with you beforehand if it is safe to do so. However, I have a duty of care to act on  information of this nature. Safety My premises are located in a Medical Clinic. The waiting area is accessible by all members of the public. Therefore, if your child is under 12,  or you would be concerned about their ability to stay safe, please bring another trusted adult with you to accompany them in the waiting  room if you would like to speak to me in private.  You must accompany a child under 16 at all times, even if they are having sessions with me on their own. This means you must be in the  building during sessions. I cannot take responsibility for children and young people left in my care under any circumstances. Other practicalities Clinics take place on a Friday afternoon from 2pm until 6pm (last appointment 5pm). We are 10 mins walk from the bus and train station and parking is available in public pay and display car parks opposite the building. The site is wheelchair and pushchair accessible but do let us know ahead of time. I can provide water but please bring refreshments for your child if they need them. Please bring any equipment you normally need – glasses, hearing aids etc.  There are toilets on site but no baby changing unfortunately. Fees £130 for an initial assessment appointment £100 per session for an intervention appointment £100 per hour for other contact – school meetings, observations, consultations etc. £100 per hour for Clinical Supervision Specific assessment - POA
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